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The freedom of movement for people is a founding principle of European construction.

Member States of the European Union have each established mechanisms that facilitate access to multiple services directly or indirectly related to mobility : reduced fares on public transport, reserved spaces, preferential parking spaces...

European society must organise the lives of 500 million citizens, which cannot be done without controls. For parking facilities, the European parking card is used. But what about all those disabled people who do not possess such a document? Furthermore, once the parking card is affixed behind the windshield, how do you present it to the train conductor, or at a museum's reception desk?

That is why there is also the European Disability Card (EDC). The EDC allows you to prove that you are recognised as disabled even if your disability is invisible. The card gives you the right to various advantages in your free time, such as a discount on an entry ticket to a museum or better access to attractions at a theme park. The card is free and you can apply for it online.

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