Belgian Disability Forum

Access City Award

In Europe, one out of every five persons faces difficulties relating to ageing, disability or reduced mobility. In the future, more and more citizens will be forced to resort to an accessible environment. The real challenge for society is now to give everyone access to public spaces, services and technologies according to his needs.

Therefore it is our obligation to make the principle “Europe without barriers” come true.


The concept

Thanks to this event, the European Commission wants to encourage cities to improve accessibility in urban areas for the benefit of all.

This prize is awarded every year to a city of more than 50 000 inhabitants, which has demonstrated, in a sustainable manner, its will to improve the accessibility to the fundamental aspects of life in the city centre, and which develops promising projects in this area.

The successful candidate city at european level receives its award at the opening of the European Days of Persons with Disabilities (beginning of December).


With the support of the EDF and the BDF

The project is of course supported by the European Disability Forum (EDF) and by the Belgian Disability Forum (BDF), which assumes, within the context of the competion, the coordination role of the Belgian jury in charge of the national preselection.