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BDF's first responsibility is to represent the Belgian disability movement within the European Disability Forum (EDF).

Who do we represent?

BDF represents groups rather than individual disabled persons. Belgium has a longstanding associative tradition which enables BDF to guarantee a valuable, though indirect, representation of Belgian people with disabilities. Taking into account its 19 member organisations, BDF is empowered by more than 250.000 disabled persons, including their relatives



The Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) is a full member of the European Disability Forum (EDF), where it officially represents the Belgian disability movement



BDF is represented at two levels, within EDF governing bodies:

  • at their annual General Assembly meeting (EDF-AGA), BDF has two representatives, who are designated by its Bureau, with an objective priority granted to its President, Pierre Gyselinck, and a balanced Community representation
  • in what concerns EDF Board, BDF has succeeded in having its candidate, Gisèle Marlière, being elected twice in a row

BDF representatives action within these two governing bodies is thoroughly prepared during a Board session, a week prior to EDF meeting, in order to relay:

  • Belgian disability movement standpoints on all EDF agenda items
  • Belgian sensitivity : a pragmatic, sometimes ambitious, approach to consensual solutions, always aiming at defending BDF General Assembly's objectives