Belgian Disability Forum

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European Disability Forum (EDF)



  • to ensure the fundamental rights of 65 million Europeans with disabilities
  • to ensure the involvement of disabled people in the development of all European policies
  • to ensure equal opportunities, universality of rights, protection against discrimination and to ensure accessibility throughout the European Union
  • to ensure that all decisions concerning disabled persons will be made in consultation with persons with disabilities

More than a partnership

The Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) is the representative of Belgium in EDF:

  • BDF is a full member of EDF. As such, it delegates two representatives at the annual general meeting of EDF
  • BDF General Secretary, Gisèle Marlière, was elected to the Board of Directors of EDF
  • BDF President, Pierre Gyselinck, was elected (on behalf of AEH) to the Board of Directors and to the Finance Committee of EDF

Contact details

Square de Meeûs 35
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: +32(0)2 282 46 00
Fax.: +32(0)2 282 46 09
e-mail :


Contact person

Lila Sylviti, Communication and media Officer


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