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Belgian Disability Forum


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The Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) gathers 18 Belgian organisations representative of persons with disabilities. BDF represents the interests of various disability groups at the european and supranational level.

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Together for a Belgium where everyone has their place

The Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) bases its action on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). The BDF requests that the rights of persons with disabilities be taken into account in every political decision.


15/03/2021 - People with disabilities enter the Belgian Constitution

The Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) welcomes the adoption by the House of Representatives of the new article 22ter. The right to inclusion of persons with disabilities is now protected by the Belgian Constitution.

The text voted by a large majority on 11 March 2021, is as follows:
"Art. 22ter. Every person with a disability has the right to full inclusion in society, including the right to reasonable accommodation. The law, decree or rule referred to in Article 134 shall guarantee the protection of this right."

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