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UPR : the text

Strictly speaking, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is not a text, but a process which involves reports by the Member State, alternative reports by the civil society and recommendations by the Human Rights Committee.

Belgium filed its first national report under the ‘Universal Periodic Review’ in 2011.

1st report of Belgium - UPR (16/02/2011)

According to this report, the Human Rights Council had issued 121 recommendations to Belgium.

Belgium had accepted 88 of the 121 recommendations made and has pledged to respect them.

Recommendation 22 dealt with policies linked to people with disabilities :

Recommandation 22:

« Ensure the full integration of persons with disabilities into political and socioeconomical life, including, notably, equal access to employment, promotion of the rights to education, allocation of appropriate resources for childcare and for supporting children with psychosocial disabilities in their family and living environment, and, eventually, ensure their access to transportation and public buildings. »

An interim report containing an overview of this recommendation was drafted by Belgium in September 2013.

Interim report of Belgium on recommendation 22 - UPR (01/09/2013)