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ESC : Report


The control system runs in cycles of one year. Each cycle covers a part of the themes dealt with in the Revised European Social Charter (only exists in French)

Each State Party is required to provide an annual report to European Committee of Social Rights (ESRB) the with an explanation of the way in which the rights that year are dealt with are executed in that state.


The Belgian reports on the application of the ESC

Within the framework of a reporting system, the States regularly provide parties with a report on the application of the Charter, both in law and in fact.

  • In 2015, Belgium published its 10th national report on employment, training and equal opportunities.
  • In 2016, the 11th national report on health, social security and social protection covered

Comments from the BDF and the Advisory Councils

The control system also allows civil society to comment on the official report of the State to the ESRB.

The non-profit organisation Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) has provided the European Committee of Social Rights (ESRB) with the following comments on the implementation of the European Social Charter:


Recommendations of the ESRB to the Belgian State

On the basis of the State's report and the comments of civil society, the ESRB will issue recommendations to the State concerned.

The States Parties undertake to respect the principles of the Charter and to follow the recommendations of the ESRB. Nevertheless, they are indeed "recommendations". They are therefore not binding.

Nevertheless, the recommendations of the European Committee of Social Rights have an impact on the image: no government would like to receive international recommendations that reveal its shortcomings.