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CRC: Report

The International Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) provides for an international monitoring system. The non-profit organisation Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) plays an active role in this system, which can contribute to improving the living conditions of children with disabilities.

The international control system

As part of the international monitoring system, the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) has been established. It consists of 18 independent experts elected at a meeting of the States Parties to the UNCRC. OHCR-CRC page (in English)

States Parties to the UNCRC are required to report to the CRC on their progress in implementing the UNCRC, on their progress in fulfilling their obligations and on the progress children are making in enjoying these rights.

The reports must be submitted in accordance with a timetable communicated in advance by the CRC.

Belgium submitted the first reports requested by the CRC on 06/09/1994, 15/08/2005 and 16/11/2009. Belgium also submitted the second periodic report of 25/10/2001 and the third periodic report of 4/12/2009. 

After each national report, civil society organisations have the possibility to provide additional information to the CRC. These are commonly referred to as "alternative reports".

On the basis of the national report and the alternative reports from civil society, the CRC sends a questionnaire (List of issues) to the State Party concerned. This State is then invited to a session in the framework of the "constructive dialogue". This is public. During this session, the State's report is discussed with the experts of the CRC. The "List of issues" serves as the common thread during this dialogue.

Following the constructive dialogue, the CRC draws up a report entitled 'list of observations'. These are recommendations to the State Party to accompany it in the implementation of the UNCRC.


Examination of Belgium by the Committee on the Rights of the Child (2019)

The third periodic report, CRC/C/BEL 5-6, was submitted by Belgium to the CRC at the end of 2017 and published on the United Nations website on 16/03/2018. CIDE-Rapport-BE-5-6 (in French)

From April to June 2018, the BDF coordinated the "position of associations representing people with disabilities" and presented it to the CRC. CIDE-Rapport-BE-5-6 - Commentaires-BDF (in French)

During its 80th session, scheduled from 14 January to 1 February 2019, the CRC should examine the report CRC/C/BEL 5-6.