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CAT report

The Convention Against Torture provides for an international monitoring system. The Belgian Disability Forum asbl (BDF) plays an active role in this system which could improve the living and treatment conditions of the disabled people in their relationship with justice in its different aspects.

The international monitoring system

According to the international monitoring system, State Parties have to submit a report to the Committee Against Torture (CAT) every four years. This report has to explain the measures taken by the Member State in order to fulfil its obligations arising under the Convention. 

The CAT relies on this report as well as on alternative reports arising from, in particular, the civil society, in order to publish general proposals and / or recommendations to the Member State.

Consideration of Belgium by the CAT (2013)

The CAT has considered the third report of Belgium during its 51th session, from 28 October till 22 November 2013

Link to the third Belgian report dated 25 July 2012 :

During the same session, the CAT has also taken into account the alternative report of the BDF, which had been drafted in collaboration with the different advisory councils for the disabled people, and which had been filed in September 2013.

Observations and recommendations of the CAT to Belgium (2013)

The CAT has issued its final recommendations  on 3 January 2014.