Belgian Disability Forum

Access City Award 2013


The candidate cities

The agreed date for the closing of applications was September 5, 2012. 99 cities of more than 50 000 inhabitants from 20 EU Member States had registered for the Access City Award 2013 competition.

As regards Belgium, the following cities were candidates (in alphabetical order):

  • Gent
  • Kortrijk
  • La Louvière
  • Leuven
  • Mons
  • Verviers

The Belgian jury

Just as in the case of the previous Access City Awards 2011 and 2012, the BDF accepted to take over the presidency and the secretariat of the Belgian jury for the Access City Award. The jury of Belgian experts responsible for assessing the quality of the projects submitted by Belgian cities was composed of:

  • Harry Geyskens, expert in accessibility
  • Pierre Gyselinck, member of the National High Council for Persons with Disabilities (NHCPD)
  • Luc Jansen, President of the Advisory Council of the Pension Sector, President of the Coordinating Body of Seniors’ Associations
  • Annick Ramboux, Attaché to the Federal Public Service Social Security, Directorate general Persons with Disabilities

A unanimous decision

At the end of the assessment process, the Belgian jury emitted a unanimous opinion by designating :

  • Leuven as the most qualified city to compete for the Access City Award 2013
  • La Louvière as candidate for a mention for its global approach of the proactive participation of persons with disabilities and seniors in the city’s political decision-making processes

The jury congratulates all the Belgian cities which had submitted their application and hopes to see them again with a further improved urban accessibility for the Access City Award 2014 ...


The European preselection

Unfortunately, the European preselection was not favourable to the two Belgian candidates. The nominated cities are :

  • Berlin (DE)
  • Bilbao (ES)
  • Gdynia (PL)
  • Nantes (FR)
  • Pamplona (ES)
  • Stockholm (SE)
  • Tallaght (IE)

The final result

The final result is known since December 3, 2012. On the occasion of the European Day of Persons with Disabilities the successful candidate city was designated as the winner of the Access City Award 2013. It is the city of Berlin (see the full results in the right hand column).