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For SP.A, Nick Mouton notes that the European Union is developing very good legislation and strategies overall. The 2010-2020 strategy is an excellent example of this. But it must now be implemented in practice.

The problem is that there is a big difference between the texts and reality. The alternative report of the BDF has demonstrated this very well: it reflects what is actually happening on the ground - in practice - in response to the official report of Belgium.

The European Union must create an environment conducive to the integration of people with disabilities, a framework in which anything is possible. The Union has the opportunity to provide the necessary resources.

The employment situation is particularly difficult for people with disabilities: if the economy is running badly, who are the first victims? The weakest, including many people with disabilities.

In the field of poverty reduction, it is essential that the interventions are raised above the poverty line.

Finally, European subsidies must be better managed and used. This can be done by providing more support and by strengthening the small structures that help people with disabilities.