Belgian Disability Forum

Open VLD

For the open VLD, Eva De Bleeker explains that the open VLD programme is a global programme for all levels of government. One chapter is devoted to people with disabilities. All types of accessibility have been given a central place in it.

Access to work is very important according to the open VLD: a person who can go to work has a better income.

The guidance of people with disabilities is also very important. The people who assist them must be given a social status.

More specifically, with regard to the European Union, Eva De Bleeker refers to three main themes: the concrete implementation of the UNCRPD, the compilation of statistics on the basis of which policies can be developed, and disability mainstreaming.

Finally, from a budgetary point of view, it is not only important to make savings, but also to invest in technology in order to ensure better accessibility and to create jobs.