Belgian Disability Forum


For the MR, Louis Michel stresses that the content of the UNCRPD is essential for a liberal. After all, equal rights for everyone must be ensured.

The European Union has ratified the UNCRPD and all Member States have agreed with its content. The problem is that many countries, including European countries, ratify international conventions and then fail to comply with them.

In this respect, the Copenhagen mechanism will prove its worth. It includes a scoreboard for monitoring and implementing the Charter of Fundamental Rights. On the basis of the Copenhagen mechanism, the implementation of the UNCRPD will need to be thoroughly examined.

In budgetary terms, the austerity measures called for by the European Union are not good, because they are applied blindly. Mr Michel is in favour of well-framed austerity measures.

In areas such as disability, investment is essential, even when budgetary discipline is needed.