Belgian Disability Forum


For Groen Bart Staes points out that Groen and Ecolo share the same viewpoints: both groups work together. The Green programme is therefore also a transversal programme.

The development of a policy for the integration of people with disabilities European level is not possible without the development of an economic policy.

However, European policy today is too focused on savings. A policy cannot be built on the basis of savings alone.

Investments are needed, particularly in areas such as disability, poverty reduction and accessibility.

The UNCRPD is an interesting instrument for the orientation of policy at national and international level.

To conclude, he draws attention to a certain inertia on the part of the European Union to help people with disabilities move forward. He mentions in particular the non-discrimination regulation that has been on the table for years. In his view, it is important that it enters into force as soon as possible.