Belgian Disability Forum


As for the CDH, Antoine Tanzilli notes that the policy towards people with disabilities is not always assessed in parallel, depending on whether it is analysed from a legal point of view or from the point of view of the people in the field.

We must strive for a Europe of greater solidarity in order to make it more meaningful. The Europe that is often criticised should give more impetus and, for example, set a guaranteed minimum wage, ...

The cdH focuses on 3 themes:

  • Inclusion must start from the development of the self-reliance of the person at the place of residence he chooses.
  • Civic participation at all levels: participation in social, cultural, sporting, economic, ... life.
  • Including education. In this area, Belgium is finding it difficult to break away from a model in which it was one of the pioneers, namely special education. Those concerned must be given the opportunity to choose between special education and ordinary education.