Belgian Disability Forum



Conseil Consultatif Bruxelloise Francophone de l'aide aux personnes et de la santé - Section personne handicapée


Level of power

Matters depending on the authorities of the Brussels-Capital Region, French Community Commission (COCOF)



CCBFPH consists of 24 full members and 24 substitute members:

  • 6 members representative of organizing authorities
  • 4 members representative of the working sector
  • 8 members representative of users or target groups
  • 6 members appointed as experts


  • CCBFPH is acting in an advisory capacity for the College of the French Community Commission (COCOF) on all issues affecting people with disabilities.
  • they give an opinion on their own initiative or upon request from the College
  • their opinion is requested on draft decrees and their applications, as well as when a norm requires obtaining the opinion of an advisory body for a service or a center recognized by the College
  • CCBFPH acts in order to achieve the greatest possible inclusion of persons with disabilities


BDF takes into account CCBFPH advice before speaking at the European level on matters depending on the regional jurisdiction of the COCOF. This was the case in 2010 for the following cases:

  • Involvement of disabled people in public life
  • European strategy 2020

Contact details

Rue des Palais 42

Tel.: +32(0)2 800 82 03
Fax.: +32(0)2 800 81 22
e-mail :



Madame Thérèse Kempeneers-Foulon, President


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