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Recommendations UN


In July 2017, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women adopted Recommendation 35.

This recommendation contains a large number of provisions dealing directly and in particular with women and young girls with disabilities, denouncing:

  • medical treatments of women and young girls with disabilities without any form of consent, for example forced sterilizations
  • forms of guardianship and the deprivation of legal capacity. 

The Committee also calls upon the States to develop mechanisms to protect women and young girls with disabilities, including the removal of communication barriers, and to disseminate useful information regarding the respect of their rights and means of subsistence.


In November 2019, the CEDAW Committee submitted its list of issues and questions to Belgium in preparation for the 8th report from the Belgian State.

The BDF is satisfied that women and girls with disabilities have not been forgotten. There were several questions about women and girls with disabilities, mainly in the field of employment (point 15), training (point 14) and health, in particular with regard to statistics on sterilized women with disabilities and the procedures for agreeing with sterilization (point 19).

In addition, the Belgium Committee requests information on the measures taken or planned to ensure that the provisions of the Convention are fully incorporated into the national legal system so that they are directly applicable to national courts.