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Belgian Disability Forum

UPR report

The situation of Belgium has been reviewed during the 24th session of the Human Rights Council, which took place in january 2016.

In July 2015, the BDF initiated and coordinated an alternative report to the attention of the UN experts, in collaboration with the various advisory councils.

It insisted in particular on :

  • Mainstreaming the handicap in various fields, as well as on its concrete implications : participation of the civil society, new laws and the need to possess useful statistical data
  • Education and the challenges associated with it, in both mainstream and specialized education, including teaching in sign language, training teaching staff, transition from school to work, access to information and non-enrolment
  • Employment of people with disabilities in the public, private and protected sector
  • The living standards and the access to the same rights for all, regardless of age (decent income, subsidized aids, accessible and adapted housing)
  •  Ongoing challenges concerning access to transportation and public buildings