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Belgian Disability Forum

03/12 : International day of persons with disabilities

The 3rd of December is the International Day of persons with a disability... Did you know that? Following the impulse given by ASPH and VFG, the Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) and 30 other Belgian organisations of persons with disabilities hope to change the course of events. A button was created.  

In 2011, this button was a huge success in Belgium. It would be nice to spread it throughout Europe!

Appealing, fundamental, uniting... this badge could be the symbol of everyone who cares about disability...


Let us engrave 03/12 in our mind

The purpose of this button is to engrave the date of 3rd of December in our minds. It sends us back to the facts that:

  • the person with a disability is a person before being a disabled person
  • "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights"
  • the person with a disability is fully part of society
  • the society must remove all the barriers and ensure that all the rights and needs of persons with disabilities in every part of their lives are fulfilled
  • the political action must be carried out at all levels and during 365 days a year!

Display it!

From now on, the 3rd of December has its symbol. Join us and tell it to everyone. Help us to change awareness.

Wear it, give it to your neighbours, to your friends and colleagues... Remember the date, let the people know about the date, place it under the spotlight. The third of December is the International day of persons with a disabilities... Every year.


Can you use the 03/12 button?

The use of the button is free as long as you respect the graphic charter linked to it : it would be great to use it all around Europe in 2013.

The European Disability Forum (EDF) supports the use of the 03/12 button!

Get in contact with the BDF to receive more information on the "business model".


List of Belgian partners (in bold the ones who are member of the BDF):

  • Accès et Mobilité pour tous-Concept
  • Association Belge contre les Maladies Neuro-Musculaires
  • Association Belge des Paralysés
  • Association Francophone d'Aide aux Handicapés Mentaux
  • Association Nationale pour le Logement des Handicapés
  • Altéo - Mouvement social de personnes malades, valides et handicapées
  • Association des Parents et des Professionnels autour de la Personne Polyhandicapée
  • Association Socialiste de la Personne Handicapée
  • Association Spina Bifida Belge Francophone
  • Belgian Disability Forum
  • Collectif Accessibilité Wallonie-Bruxelles
  • Confédération Belge pour la Promotion des Aveugles et Malvoyants
  • Ensemble pour une Vie Autonome
  • Fédération MultiSports Adaptés
  • Fédération Francophone des sourds de Belgique
  • Groupe d'Action pour une Meilleure Accessibilité aux personnes Handicapées
  • Groupe d'Entraide pour Hémiplégiques
  • Handicap International
  • Horizon 2000
  • Infor-Autisme
  • Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten vzw
  • La Fondation Lou
  • La Ligue Braille
  • La Ligue Belge de la Sclérose en Plaques
  • La Ligue des Droits des Personnes Handicapées
  • Les Amis des Aveugles
  • Les Briques du Gamp
  • Œuvre Nationale des Aveugles
  • Passe Muraille
  • Plain-Pied
  • Sel Bleu
  • Vereniging van personen met een handicap

Reach the organisations that are member of the BDF by following the next link :