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Belgian Disability Forum

Equal opportunities

In 2006 the European Disability Forum (EDF) celebrated its tenth anniversary. On this occasion, it launched a petition which collected 1 300 000 signatures ! This petition requested that the UE enact a legislation that prohibits any form of discrimination of persons with disabilities and that guarantee the full integration of more than 50 million citizens with disabilities into the European society.

Since then the European Commission has launched a draft Directive which is being negotiated at the level of the Council of the European Union.

Currently, discussions are taking place on a regular basis at intergovernmental level without tangible results having been recorded.

The BDF can understand that such discussions are very difficult. It remains, however, that persons with disabilities and their representative organizations should at least be better informed about the monitoring and should at best be involved in the process, as set out in the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ...